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talk to me   Love so heavy it'll make you stagger.

hangovers from expensive liquor are just a whole new thing,I have been a cheap bitch for so long I forgot how weird this is.

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Here is a side by side comparison of how The New York Times has profiled Michael Brown — an 18 year old black boy gunned down by police — and how they profiled Ted Bundy, one of the most prolific serial killers of all time. 

Source for Brown, Source for Bundy.

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also I bought this excellent looking little flipbook from snaughtie on etsy and I am putting it into my coping skills toolkit.

this is amazing! 

3.10$ is about all the money I have in my name atm but I am buyin myself a lil present

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my valentine 2 u:
thx 4 knowin how 2 choke a bitch

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Hole - Dicknail (10/10/1990 Club Lingerie)


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a website called opinterest u can post your opinions nobody cares about

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