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    I haven’t held your hand in eight months and the human skin replenishes every twenty-seven days. You’ve never touched this skin and I don’t think you ever will.

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    if the cops catch u for smoking weed blow smoke in their face

    now theyre high and youre the arresting guy

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    I’m sorry that
    I only called after
    drinking six cups of coffee,
    but something about shaking
    always reminds me of you.
    — Shaking The Thought of You Away | Lora Mathis (via disgustinghuman)

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  5. it’s been six months,i mostly just miss your hands around my throat.

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    Straight White Boy Problem #85


    *sees barack obamas pics of him smoking weed when he was 18* damn im gonna run for office someday *takes bong hit and starts coughing for 3 minutes*

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    hang out with my cat like 23 1/2 hours a day

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